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have native technical schools that practice students

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi slammed the claims of the Philippines Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys , Japan and US on South China Sea issues before the end of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum in Kuala Lumpur, the foreign ministry said in a late Thursday statement.

Analysts said the rarely-seen profound elaboration of China's stance on the South China Sea issues could help dismiss Western media's misinterpretations and defend China's case.

Concerns over the South China Sea have dominated regional meetings this week between Southeast Asia and countries including Japan, China and the US.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday expressed "serious concern" about the situation in the waters, while Albert del Rosario Cheap NHL Jerseys From China , Foreign Minister of the Philippines, accused Beijing of "massive" reclamation activities during the Tuesday meeting.

"China has the same concern as other countries over freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, as most of China's merchandise is transported via the Sea," the Chinese minister said Cheap NHL Jerseys China , adding that freedom of navigation is also very important to China.

Wang said that 70 years ago China took back the Nansha and Xisha Islands - where China's land reclamation has encountered opposition, especially from the Philippines - from Japan's illegal occupation. "The naval ships that were used by China to take back the islands were provided by the US, our ally," he noted. "These facts must have been recorded in your respective archives."

The Philippines failed to tell the truth when raising the South China Sea issue Cheap NHL Jerseys , according to the statement.

Wang pointed out that some countries began to invade and occupy islands and reefs in the 1970s, following reports on oil reserves in the South China Sea, infringing the legal rights and interests of China.

He also retorted the claims of the Japanese representatives that all artificial islands and reefs in the South China Sea do not produce legal rights for the owner.

"Japan has spent some 10 billion yen ($80 million) on the tiny atoll of Okinotori, building it into a de facto island with cement and steel Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , and then claimed a right to a continental shelf extending beyond its 200-nautical mile coast boundaries as exclusive economic zone at the United Nations. However, most UN members considered Japan's claim inconceivable and chose to decline the proposal," he argued.

"Therefore, Japan should review its own words and deeds before criticizing others. Unlike Japan Cheap Jerseys Online , China has claimed its right to the South China Sea a long time ago, which does not require enhancement through land reclamation."

Wang stressed that China is a victim of the South China Sea issue and that the nation has exercised great restraint to maintain peace and stability in the region.

"With sound proof and historical records, the foreign minister has given a thorough introduction of the South China Sea issue, aimed at solving the problems Cheap New Jerseys ," Liu Feng, a Hainan-based expert on the South China Sea, told the Global Times on Friday.

Meanwhile, Japan was reportedly looking to offer three Beechcraft TC-90 King Air planes to the Philippines that could be fitted with basic surface and air surveillance radar Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , which analysts said might further add to the tensions on the waters.

Sources told Reuters that talks within the Japanese government were preliminary and would need to overcome legal hurdles. Japan had yet to formally propose the planes as an alternative to more sophisticated Lockheed Martin P3-C aircraft that Manila wants to track Chinese submarine activity, they added.

"The Philippines doesn't have enough aircraft to conduct regular patrols over the South China Sea," one of the sources in Japan said, declining to be identified.

Philippine Defense Minister Voltaire Gazmin told Reuters he was unaware of any Japanese plan to supply the aircraft. Top Philippine generals said they were also unaware of any proposal but welcomed the growing security cooperation with Japan.

The sources in Japan said radar to monitor surface activity and aircraft could be easily installed on the TC-90 planes if they were transferred. The US military uses Beechcraft King Air 90s in transport roles and to train pilots.

"This is another proof of Japan's role in the South China Sea: it has always been provoking trouble deliberately. It also gave patrol ships to the Philippines during the Huangyan Island dispute between China and the Philippines in 2012 Cheap Authentic Jerseys ," Liu said.

He warned that Japan may get more deeply involved in the South China Sea issues to divert China's attention from the East China Sea.

The Philippines and Japan have conducted two naval exercises in and around the South China Sea in recent months.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also agreed in June to begin talks on a visiting forces agreement that would open the way for Japan to use bases in the Philippines.

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