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has been halted under the order of Hun Sen

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Well, Tom had dated lots of beautiful girls and that?s a fact. He does have some taste as far as dates and ladies are concerned. What?s more, he?s not a good looking playboy. He tends sticks to his girl and loves her until the relationship last.

Erin Naas Cheap Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys , a model for Victoria Secret, is the first showbiz girlfriend of Tom Brady. Needless to say, Erin?s poses for Sports Illustrated and Maxim had diverted Tom Brady?s attention. Who wouldn?t? The girl has curvaceous body and a pretty face.

Layla Roberts came next. When the Tom Brady Erin Naas relationship ended, Layla Roberts became Tom?s steady date. Layla Roberts is a model too, this time for Playboy. In fact, she was the October 1997 Playmate. Their relationship ended in 2002, though. And that?s when actress Tara Reid came into the picture.

Tara Cheap Dallas Stars Jerseys , the blonde actress of Urban Legend, American Pie, My Boss?s Daughter, and Cruel Intentions had truly captivated Tom. However, the relationship seemed to be bumpy as they failed to take it to the one year mark.

After Tara, the good looking Tom didn?t wait for long for a replacement. In comes Jeri Ryan, a beautiful German actress. She appeared in the movie Star Trek: Voyager. She also has a regular TV show Cheap Detroit Red Wings Jerseys , Boston Public. Unlike the Tom Tara love affair, Tom and Jeri seemed to be a better match. While their names sound right, they stopped seeing each other by 2003.

It was a free dating phase for Tom after Jeri. As such, he isn?t doing any exclusive dating at all. He?s free to see women, as much as his dates are free to see other men. In a span of almost 4 years, Tom dated pretty ladies Kitana Baker, Bridget Moynahan Cheap Edmonton Oilers Jerseys , Jenna Jameson and Maria Menounos. Among all of them, Tom had a special something with Bridget. She was a constant date him for about three years, although not really exclusive.

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All of the pretty ladies Tom Brady has dated in the past and present are listed here. You should know by now who Tom Brady is dating by now.
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