This was contrary to what MediaDefender promoted

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This was contrary to what MediaDefender promoted

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Panama is considered as a land of trade and commerce. Commerce is nothing without transportation. Panama always was and will remain a land with high importance for transportation. Transport sector of Panama is developing every day since the land was selected as a country of business.

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind about the transport sector of Panama is the ports. The ships and cargo passes through the country like all other vehicles in Panama. Every year around 14 Authentic Nick Leddy Jersey ,000 ships transit through the Panama Canal. And they carry more than 700,000 passengers and 192 million tons of cargo every year. Panama Canal is one of the most important Transport sectors of Panama.

Panama has the largest marine convoy in the entire world. The ports of Panama have huge traffic and all the modern facilities that a port could possibly offer and for that reason panama is about to become the province's primary multi-modal logistics core in the near future. At present only the four new container ports provides a total investment of over US$4.5 billion. The ports are combined with the trans-isthmian railroad and they moved more than one million in 2000 and they are planning to make more than four million by 2008.

The main ports which are included in the transport sector of panama are Manzanillo International Terminal (Stevedoring Services of America), Colon Container Terminal (Evergreen International Corporation) Anthony Beauvillier Jersey , Colon Port Terminal (Hutchinson Port Holdings) and Colon 2000 (Cruise Ship Terminal) on the Atlantic Coast. On the Pacific side Panama has Panama Port Terminal S.A (Hutchinson Port Holdings) and Rodman (Alireza - Mobil) which is used for fuel loading and unloading.

Kansas City Railroad and Mi-Jack Railroad control the railroad transport sector of panama. The railroad is 47 miles in distance which runs parallel to the Panama Canal. They were the first transcontinental railroad for the last 143 years. Railroad is an important transport sector of Panama because it provides services both to the cargo and the passengers. Coping with the time the railroad sector is modernizing and improving their transportation system. This transportation system will massively help the economics and commerce sector along with the transportation of the people.

The roads and highways can define the country one way. Not just the look beside the highways, network and connection among them are quite stunning in Panama. Transport sector of Panama holds approximately 11,300 kilometers of highway set-up.

Airports are like bus stoppages in transport sector of Panama. The country has 27 public and 41 private airports. Among the public airports five of them are fully functional. This means that they have all the facility of immigration and custom service.

The primary airport is the Tocumen which is 15 minutes away from the Panama City. Th Southern Corridor Casey Cizikas Jersey , which is the modern highway, provides the easy way to the main airport of the city. Marcos A. Gelabert is second to the Tocumen airport. It is also located in the capital city. It provides services to national and international flights.

Without doubt, the transport sector of Panama is quite rich. For a country of trade and business Adam Pelech Jersey , transportation has the most valuable utility of location. In other words, the transport sector of Panama does half the jobs for the country.
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